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With over 19 years experience in fitness and dance, Graziella Baratta holds a BA in Dance and she's an AFPA Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Holistic Nutritionist. As a seasoned pageant competitor and professional dancer, Graziella trained herself to become Ms. United States 2008 and knows the importance of keeping your body in peak condition. She will teach you tools to become and remain fit.

B.Youneek Body


Get fabulously fit your way...


Here at B.Youneek, we believe that fitness is a lifestyle, not just something you do to lose weight for a specific occasion...and (dare we say) gain it all back when you're tired of drinking shakes for breakfast and lunch. We don't believe in magic diet pills and quick fixes.  What we DO advocate, however, is creating a healthy lifestyle that lasts, yet is felxible for your changing needs. We believe in the "Youneek" individual. We believe in eating healthy, cheating a bit, treating you body with respect, and working hard (but not too hard) to keep your beautiful body at it's shining best.  We believe in strong and sexy.  We believe in YOU!  Let's make fitness & wellness YOUR lifestyle together!

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The only way to lose weight for good and keep it off is to make a permanent lifestyle change.  With these flexible and unique Fitness and Wellness options, you will have all the tools to do just that!

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